How To Find LSI keywords

Links are a huge factor in Google Search Rankings. Google prioritize the quality of the links than quantity to determine the results in SERP. But should’ve to say that when it comes to first-page rankings links aren’t everything. Google also starts to use other ranking signals in addition to links.

Here it comes the importance of On page SEO. With new updates like Panda and Hummingbird Google better understand the value of the content signal to be ranked. How can Google understand the value of content to show in SERPS or how can Google prioritize the results for a specific keyword?

It is done by LSI Keywords. So what are LSI keywords? What is the definition of LSI keywords? Or Latent Semantic Indexing?

Google relies on LSI keywords to gain priority or more context to the page which ultimately results in ranking.

So how can we include LSI keywords in our content or first how can we find LSI keywords?

First You have to create your content based on a specific keyword, Keywords with low competition and high search volume are normally preferred.

How to Find LSI Keywords

There are several methods for finding LSI Keywords.

Searches related to Keyword

Let’s type your desired keyword in the Google Search box and scroll down the results. There you can see the “Searches related to”. Check out those results, these are the terms google associates with your target keyword. Try to include those keywords in your content.

For example, “Recover from Google Panda” keyword results in search volume like…..

LSI Graph

LSI Graph is a free LSI keyword generator tool which shows up the related keywords to your focus keyword. Just Type the keyword in the box and the tool will display the LSI keywords associated with it.

Bolded Results in Google Search

Just type the focus keyword in Google Search and take a look at the SERP results in first Page. Look for those bold words that aren’t your focus keyword but similar to them. Try to include them into the content

Using Google Keyword Planner

Login to Google Keyword Planner and opt for keyword ideas. Type your keyword in the box and search for keyword ideas. Here comes a list and try to incorporate them into the content. These are the keywords which are seen in top 10 results of SERP.

And concluding, the more LSI keywords are included the more Google will value your content and gives better ranking.

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  • Good stuff Aneesh. I love typing a word or 2 into Google then seeing semantic results pop up. Maybe not the most scientific way to nail down keywords but it has helped me drive some nice Google traffic.


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