Alternative Approach to Guest Blogging using Ninja Outreach

Guest Blogging an opportunity to take your expertise and discuss it with other people, in addition to an opportunity to increase traffic to both parties.

It is also a great way to establish yourself as an authority figure within your market and build relationships with other bloggers

So what would be the main benefits of guest blogging :

Good exposure

Inbound links


Credibility etc….

Some may try to demonstrate that guest blogging is dead.

The truth is that guest blogging is still an awesome strategy for getting more traffic if used wisely.

What are the main mistakes that are happening in guest blogging?

Let’s discuss the strategy we are using in guest blogging right now.

First of all, we will search google to find prospects for the niche we are interested in articles writing and blogging.

Keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post by”
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post guidelines”
After opening each blog primarily we’ll assess the domain authority and page authority of the site using some tools like Moz. Obviously, if the DA or PA is above our expectations we’ll proceed to the following steps.

Afterward, we will proceed the contact form of the website to fill up the details of guest blogging.

Or we will gather the email address of this blogger and deliver the emails one by one with an existing template.

To be frank this process is so time-consuming huh?

Waiting for a response from the prospect is too boring form that outlook.

The main point is haven’t you checked the reply or achievement rate of the emails or contact forms sent?

The trail changes.

We are going to look at you can get blogging opportunities and make the most out of these.

Here explains a winning strategy in guest blogging.

This makes guest blogging easier and not as time-consuming.

My favorite tool is Ninja outreach, Lets go with it. .

Alternative Strategy using Ninja Outreach

Step 1:

Create the Content

Create a well written lengthy and detailed content with inbound links to your blog and a writer bio. The guest site in question may limit you to just how many links you can have pointed to your own site, so use them wisely.

Step 2:

List out the Prospects

Let’s begin outreach by using Ninja outreach tool.

Proceed to the list direction tab, produce a list.


Ninja Outreaach

Either we can import our list which is stored in our hard drive earlier as a .CSV file


we can use the easier way as ninja outreach tool itself provide a list of 100 blogging contacts in each category.


Select the interesting and challenging way that is selecting prospects from content prospecting tab.
Search for the keyword that is related to your content in Ninja Outreach.

Filter the results in terms of Desired Domain Authority and Page Authority, guest posts and so on.

Ninja Outreach

Add additional tags like blogger, influencer, company to add relevancy.

Select the blogs matching your content one by one of all and save it to the list created before.

Ninja Outreach

Step 3:

Create email template:

Creating a well-written email template is important for guest blogging outreach. It’s better to adore Brian Deans strategy or create an email template yourself or take the help of Ninja Outreach.

Ninja outreach tool itself provides dozens of email templates.

Ninja Outreach

Step 4:

Ninja Outreach mode:

Go to outreach mode in Ninja outreach tool and select the desired list to send.

On the right side select the template to be used, from address.

The recipient email address will be automatically loaded make edits to the template and send the email.

It will automatically load the next emails to send from your list.

Ninja Outreach

Step 5:

Wait for Reply:

You can track the reply rate of emails you’ve sent using Ninja Outreach.

Based on the reply maintain a relationship with the bloggers even though the content is not approved.

And don’t expect a high reply rate initially and maintaining the relationship with bloggers can help in future.

Ninja Outreach

After all, compare the results of the traditional way of guest blogging with this strategy. I am pretty sure this provides more efficient results and less time consuming that makes guest blogging interesting.

Here form the tools I mentioned only about Ninja outreach.

According to the type and no. of projects, campaign requirements and size of the team you can use any one of Ninja outreach, Pitchbox, Mailshake, Buzzstream as your wish as all these tools make the outreach easier.

According to my opinion Ninja outreach is a complete tool that provides 14 days of trial but coming to the economic point of view I prefer Mailshake.


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